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Eight Tips For a Designer to Overcome a Creative Block

It is a ubiquitous feeling which has affected every designer in the matters of frustration and irritation by the looming deadlines of a client. However, it still happens, and there is absolutely nothing that can be done to get rid of it.

Being a creative person, you know you have a capacity to create a masterpiece, but your creativity and imagination are blocked somewhere in your brain. Something is missing in your mind, which is affecting the creative flow in your work. It not like you can’t work with colors and designs, but there is someone you might likely need to inspire—yourself!

How to design a creative block

One of the major reasons for creative blocks for a creative person can be the tight deadlines of the client, the unwillingness of the management of taking a creative risk, getting inspired and the lack of project diversity. To overcome the creative block, here are eight strategies which can get you back your originality and creativity.

Get inspired

Inspiration can strike from anywhere, even from the abyss of delusions. Keep a look out for anything creative or unusual. Draw it in your journal or just take a picture, so it doesn’t slip your mind. Whether it is a drawing, a painting, a song, a book or something different, take it as your inspiration to design.

Take your rage to design

Doesn’t really sound like a good idea, right? Well, what it meant by being regions is to get all that you have in your mind on the canvas. Work with abstract designs, paint, color, or get crazy with your design, make something on the paper. Sometimes, even the craziest of design can give you some idea. 

Change your designing medium

Being an artist means you can easily change your medium of design. For example, if you use acrylic colors to paint, you can experiment with watercolors or spray paints until you get your creativity back. Similarly, if you are a graphic designer and use digital tools such as an online custom logo generator tool, you can change to using pen and paper to design or get an idea if you have a tight deadline to meet.

Try different mediums of creativity

A writer, an artist, a poet and more, all fall into the category of creative discipline. For example, if you are a designer, you can start reading to get new and imaginative ideas which can help you to meet your deadlines.

Make time for some you time!

Following a routine might limit your creativity. Go for a picnic to a beach to relax or simply pick up a camera and go on a hike to take a picture. This can help you to break the wall blocking your creativity on the other side. If not all that, visit an art gallery. You see all the colors that may inspire you to produce something creative.

Finish what you started

Every person has a different perspective to look at a thing, so don’t be discouraged if your idea is considered to be “up to the mark.” Figure out the part where things get “bad” and change it to restore the order.

Make something out of the provided information

Sticking to the brief information provided is what create a creative block in the first place. Change the perspective of the client through your creative ideas.

Make Notes 

Create a list of things you need to include in your design. It can help you to tweak your design as you move forward with your work. Then mix and match all the possible combination of design to create something innovative.


Creative block is something that happens with all creative minds. All you need is a little bit of patience, hard work, and your inspiration to break the wall that is blocking your creativity. The key to overcome the creative block is to stay motivated throughout the time.

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