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Why are picture books important for young learners?

Pictures are a great tool to attract young minds to learning new concepts of life that can be difficult for them to understand in words. However, it is not just upon a child to open the books to learn; the real magic happens when a grownup opens the bookmaking stories with pictures for the young scholars.

Children’s books can be of great help in schools. They are quite inexpensive, and children can intrigue their imagination and creative side through colorful pictures. Many times, parents try to rush their child to read heavy textual books instead of a picture book to get them in the learning phase faster because they think it can help them to prepare for standardized testing in schools. However, this is not the case when it comes to learning.
A child’s learning can also be affected by children’s book illustration pricing ranges. Often a child is repelled by the quality of the book and kind of paper used inside. This is why it is highly important for writers and publishers alike to keep I mind all the factors that can affect the learning process of a child. Here is why I think children’s books are important in the learning process of a child.

Introduction to the concept of reading

Looking at pictures influences their capability to make up stories which are most creative and cannot be thought by adults. Each time that they open the book, they will come up with a story different than the one before. This is reading to a child. Making up stories with simple words help them in developing critical thinking in the most imaginative way possible.

Encourages conversation

Reading a picture book aloud encourages the bond between a sibling, parents and often grandparents as well. Telling the child about what’s happening in a story influences the the feeling of the child, which helps them to relate things to the real world.

 It strengthens visual and critical thinking

Children have great observations which help them to reason, link and understand concepts with pictures. Moreover, pictures enable a child to think critically about anything in the book.

It helps in building self-confidence

Literature has various forms. It can be written, and it can be a work of art in a pictorial form, and every form of literature has many different points of views. Each child has their way of annotating the picture, which develops different concepts. A child in the learning phase is welcomed to share their thoughts and observations in the class of students, which develops their self-confidence.

It helps in building vocabulary

Books with texts and pictures for children can help children in learning new words by introducing new words in the story. Defining a new word becomes easy for a reader as there is a pictorial form of the word present in the book for elaboration. The pictorial form of the word provides clues that can provide meaning to the word.
Picture books are extremely important in both schools and homes. Teachers can help children learn with pictures and help them in developing a sense and critical concepts that are new to young learners. Exposing children to critical literature like pictures and work of art can contribute to the creation of responsible, successful and caring young individuals.

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