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What is Wi-Fi Offloading? Top Advantages of Wi-Fi Offload?

In the age of the internet when speed matters, your 3G and 4G internet data connections seem slow as a snail at times. You may wish you had a faster and more reliable Wi-Fi connection instead in such situations. However, what if there are no safe public Wi-Fi connections around? Then you are stuck with the slow online connectivity.
As a service provider, this problem is a huge issue and can hamper your branding and sales. This is when data offloading services become an excellent solution.

Top 7 advantages of wifi offloading

What is Wi-Fi Offloading?

Wi-Fi offloading helps you network to provide a consistently high-speed internet connection to consumers. It helps ease the congestion on your wireless network immensely. Using this service, large and small mobile and wireless internet service providers can ensure instant connectivity and faster surfing for customers in high-density locations. This technology allows user mobiles to detect and connect with nearby Wi-Fi points that your company uses for Wi-Fi offloading. It is an automatic process and offers seamless fast internet to consumers.

Also called as Data Offloading in technical terms, this is an excellent way to make sure that every consumer of your mobile phone service gets fast and reliable internet connectivity in congestion-prone areas.

Wi-Fi offloading is becoming increasingly common amongst network providers. A Juniper Research report by Nitin Bhas reveals that around 60% of mobile data is being offloaded on to private Wi-Fi networks, termed as “small cell” networks.

The Wi-Fi offloading procedure has become almost standard in most major mobile service providers around the world. It is an ideal and inexpensive way to expand and maintain your service network without investing heavily in costly hardware and software.
Leading telecommunication service providers, such as Mobilise Global UK, are trusted for the best, most reliable and inexpensive Wi-Fi network for data offloading.

Main Advantages of Data Offloading

There are numerous benefits that you get as a mobile data service provider when you decide to use Mobilise Digital’s M-Global Wi-Fi service. The extensive Wi-Fi offloading service covers 180 countries all around the world and involves 64 million Mobilise Wi-Fi hotspots to offer your consumers.

It offers an easy-to-use SDK (Software Development Kit) that you can easily integrate with your existing communication infrastructure. It offers you instant switching between networks at a global level and covers 3G and 4G networks with equal ease.

Check out the top advantages that M-Global Wi-Fi data offloading services has for your telecommunication enterprise:

Limitless Access – Mobilise M-Global Wi-Fi offers a no-caps, no-limits data offloading service package to ensure unlimited data available for your consumers all the time.

Worldwide Coverage – M-Global Wi-Fi hotspots dot over 180 countries and the 64 million hotspots are located at prime locations, including at airports, hotels, in-flight, premium networks, trains, etc. giving truly global coverage.

Easy Connectivity – Users need to login only once to the VPN and the network will automatically connect with their devices the next time they are in a range anywhere in the world.

Safe Connection – M-Global Wi-Fi does not require sending user information to 3rd party vendors to get access to the Wi-Fi offloading network. It offers advanced VPN connectivity for added security.

Customizable Solutions – The Wi-Fi offloading service packs are customizable according to every individual client’s requirement. The in-house solutions are scalable and designed with future growth in mind.

Cost-Effective – Data offloading services from leading providers, such as Mobilise Global UK ensures that you get the best price quote. Flexible commercial terms help to empower you as a customer and ensure quality services at the same time.

Analysis Reports – Additionally, your performance is also evaluated with constant monitoring and analyzing by expert consultants. The expert insight helps to form stronger strategies for successful business growth.

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