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USA Flag Car Window Pole Decoration

Product Details and Benefits:

USA Flag Car Window Pole is undoubtedly a great way to show your patriotism while you drive on your motherland.
It is designed with a flexible window pole capable to face the fastest wind speed towards the flag.
You can simply clip and attach this mini flag car window pole to your car windows and doors. Or you can just take it in your hand and wave it to show your patriotism.
It would also be a great gift option for your friends and relatives having strong feelings of love and affection to the USA.
You will surely feel proud while you are participating in parades due to the greatest flag display.
The finest fabric material is used to manufacture the flag along with the flexible and easy to attach plastic staff.

Product Description:

Whether you are an ordinary civilian or belong to defense ministry USA, you can clip this USA flag car window pole to decorate your car. Once you attach it, you can surely have feelings of great patriotism and feel proud to be a USA resident.  During funerals, parades and other national-level activities, you can represent yourself as a true patriot. All you need to just decorate your car with USA flag car window pole.

Whether it is the national festival or you just want to salute someone, you can gift him/her this amazing gift. It would not just please the deserver, but your great feeling towards your country will also be reflected.  If you are still looking for such a great gift option or something personal that can feel you proud, you can avail the best and most trendy USA flag Car Window Pole.

Product Specification:

Dimensions: 12” X 17” (35 X 45 CM Banner Size)
Material:  100% super polyester printed fabric
Wight: 12 Ounces

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